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  • Who is Leo and how can he help?

    Leo is your personal AI research assistant who helps you declutter your feeds and dig deeper into the topics and trends you care about without losing control. Leo continuously reads your feeds and

  • Leo Pricing

    Leo is included in both Pro+ and Enterprise plans. The Pro+ plan for individuals is priced at $12/month. You can upgrade here. You can sign up for your 30 day trial of the Feedly Enterprise plan

  • How does Deduplication work?

    The current Leo deduplication skill is content-based (not site or URL based). Leo will read all the articles in your feeds, if the content of 2 (or N) articles overlap by more than 85%, then Leo will

  • How many priorities can I create?

    Leo Priorities are transitioning to Leo Web Alerts. Priorities are available for customers that originally had access to them. New customers can create Leo Web Alerts. You can learn more about Leo

  • Where can I see the list of aliases for my Leo Web Alerts / Leo Concepts?

    When you're creating a Leo Web Alert, you can hover over the Leo Concept and see the aliases in the window that pops up. In the example below, if you select Blockchain, Leo knows that Blockchain is

  • How can I share prioritized articles into Slack?

    You can share any prioritized article automatically into a Slack channel. Choose the priority you want to share to a Slack channel from the left sidebar and click on the Slack icon on top right.

  • What happens when I choose Something else while training Leo via Less Like This?

    If you'll choose Something else, we won't change the way we show you articles and Leo does not learn much about your preferences. It helps improve other signals and topics and uncover problems,

  • How does Less Like This work?

    When you're reading an article or hover over an article in the preview, you get an option to use a Less Like This button to tell Leo why this article is not important/relevant to you. The best way to

  • Getting Started with Leo

    Here are some best practices to get Leo up and running in your Feedly account! But first, what is Leo? Leo is your AI research assistant. His mission is to declutter your feeds & prioritize the

  • Refining Leo Web Alerts

    In this article, we'll cover the ways that you can refine your Leo Web Alerts: Updating / Refining Web Alerts Downvoting / Less like this Title search Updating / Refining Leo Web Alerts If you want

  • Send Leo Web Alert Feeds via Newsletter

    After Leo has gathered some of the top news in your area of interest through your Leo Web Alerts, you might be interested in sharing those articles. In the Feedly Enterprise plan, we have implemented

  • How does Leo detects indicators of compromise (IoCs)?

    Leo understands and recognizes IoCs mentioned in articles, and can gather them for you automatically. When an article contains an IoC, Leo will highlight it for you so it’s easy for you to find and

  • How To Migrate Priorities to Leo Web Alerts

    As we’ll be phasing priorities down in the next 12 months, you can easily, you can easily migrate a Priority over to a Leo Web Alert. Go to the train Leo page: Click on

  • Can Leo search through my folders and feeds?

    You can use Leo Web Alerts to search beyond your account, within your account, or both at the same time! To search through your folders and feeds, click on the + add bundles & feeds button under the

  • How can I turn of the Leo feedback prompts?

    You can turn off the Leo Feedback Prompts as well as other options you don't need here:

  • How do I edit a Leo Web Alert I created?

    If you want to edit your current Leo Web Alert, navigate to it in the left sidebar and click the Refine button on top right to edit it.

  • Can Leo find articles from specific authors in my feeds?

    Yes! If the author is listed, we'll show their name at the top of the article when you open it. It appears after the name of the source that the article comes from. You can see an example of this

  • Can I add a Leo Web Alert to my All feed?

    Yes. You can have a Leo Web Alert search through your All Feed. However, Feedly Experts recommend setting Leo Web Alerts for individual folders over the All feed in order to eliminate noise and allow

  • How can I choose between Title and Everything for Leo Web Alert search?

    When you’re setting up a Web Alert, Leo can track your topic across “Everything” — this means he will read article titles, meta descriptions, text and alt tags, searching for the concepts you’re

  • How can I exclude a source / website from a Leo Web Alert?

    If you want to exclude a specific source from a Leo Web Alert: Select the - NOT operator Select Website (domain)

  • How can I exclude a keyword or topic from Leo Web Alert search?

    You can exclude topics when you want to increase the relevance of your Web Alert. To do this, use the - NOT option.

  • When multiple CVEs are mentioned in an article, how does Leo select one?

    Leo selects CVE with the highest/most critical CVSS score.

  • Is there a list of sources of your Leo Web Alert source buckets?

    While we don't have a dedicated list of all our source buckets for Leo Web Alerts, you can see the sources we'll include in the source buckets on the Discover page. For example, if you're using the

  • Will Leo Web Alerts find tweets coming from the Twitter Lists I follow?

    From Leo's perspective articles coming from individual Twitter accounts, hashtags, Twitter lists or Twitter searches are the same. If the Tweets have a link to an article, Leo will try to use both

  • What does “1 Web Alert excluded” mean when I create a Leo Web Alert?

    You can’t create a Leo Web Alert on top of another Web Alert. Here’s why. Why does the "1 Web Alert excluded" message appear? When you create a Leo Web Alert, you can refine the sources Leo scouts

  • Can I create Leo Priorities or Mute Filters on top of the RSS Builder sources?

    Yes, you can create the same logic on top of RSS Builder sources as you would on any other type of source. Useful resources: How to create a priority? How can I add/create a Mute Filter?

  • How to specify how many articles per week I want to get via Leo Web Alert?

    You can refine your feed by specifying how many articles per week you want to see related to this topic. Think of this like telling Leo how picky you would like him to be when he chooses which

  • Can I share Leo Web Alerts with my team or are they only visible to me?

    Yes! If you're on the Enterprise plan, You can add Leo Web Alerts to any of your Personal or Team feeds.

  • Can I access the list of articles prioritized by a Leo priority via the Feedly Enterprise API?

    Yes. Each priority in Feedly is considered a stream. And the content of that stream can be accessed via the Stream API: All you need is to find the stream id

  • Is there a limit to how many OR topics can be added under one Leo Web Alert?

    You can add up to 50 topics with the OR option. If you need more, please reach us at - we have an add-on tool that can help you create a custom topic (up to 1,000 terms)

  • If I add an article through the Chrome extension to a Board, will Leo learn from those as well?

    Yes. When you add an article to a Board, it will be used in the dataset we use to build the Like Board model for that Board (which happens daily).

  • Strategic Moves

    Leo can help you prioritize these strategic moves: Available on the Pro+ plan and above: Funding Events Partnership Announcements Product Launches Available on the Enterprise plan: New Patents

  • How to create a Priority

    Leo Priorities are transitioning to Leo Web Alerts. Priorities are available for customers that originally had access to them. New customers can create Leo Web Alerts. You can learn more about Leo

  • Priority on Left Nav

    Leo Priorities are transitioning to Leo Web Alerts. Priorities are available for customers that originally had access to them. New customers can create Leo Web Alerts. You can learn more about Leo

  • Power Search

    Leo Priorities are transitioning to Leo Web Alerts. Priorities are available for customers that originally had access to them. New customers can create Leo Web Alerts. You can learn more about Leo

  • What is Summarization?

    Leo automatically reads all the articles in your Feeds and summarizes them. The Article lists showcase those Leo summaries as article descriptions. When you open an article, Leo also highlights the

  • Like Board

    You can train Leo to prioritize content based on what you have saved to your Boards in the past. This is a hands-off approach that lets Leo do the work for you. He will scan the articles in your

  • How do I disable the automatic Highlights / Summaries?

    You can turn off Leo Summaries at the bottom of the Leo Settings page under Leo Summary Highlights:

  • How to send prioritized articles from Team Feeds as a Newsletter?

    In the Feedly Enterprise plan, we have implemented a Priority Feed newsletter so you can send a roundup of articles Leo has collected each day to your teammates. To set this up: Go to the Priority

  • How to create a Web Alert on only articles that include IOCs / a STIX export?

    If you want to tune your Leo Web Alert to show only articles with STIX files for export you can add the AND layer with the Leo concept Indicators of Compromise. In the example below, the Leo Web

  • Can I mute authors?

    Sometimes you love the sites you are following, but there is an author within that site that you are not interested in. For example, you might love following BBC, but are less interested in authors

  • Inlined Entities

    Your interests are continuously evolving. Often, you discover a new company, product, or topic while reading an article and you want to be able to teach Leo about it. With Leo, the most prominent

  • What is included in the New Malware concept?

    The New Malware Leo Concept you can use in Web Alerts is a list of malware families that Leo knows that is less than 10 days old (either Leo tracked those families or they were added to Malpedia). We

  • Can I filter by just the article title?

    Yes. You can train Leo to look for a mention of an entity or a keyword in the title of the article and mute the matches. To mute title words: Click Train Leo on the top right of your feed Choose Mute

  • Can I mute specific topics?

    Are you following a broad source like TechCrunch, Wired, and Forbes but don't care about topics like gaming? You can set up mute filters to remove any articles related to specific topics. Leo has a

  • Hiring

    Leo understands how to recognize new hiring plans. This Leo Concept is part of our Enterprise plan.

  • Layoffs

    Leo understands how to recognize company layoff plans This Leo Concept is part of our Enterprise plan.

  • Security Threat

    Leo can read the articles in your Cybersecurity feeds to find or assess the severity of the software vulnerabilities. He will read an article, lookup CVE, CVSS, and exploit information from multiple

  • Location Expansions

    Leo understands how to recognize articles that cover company expansions or openings in new locations, regions or offices, plants. This Leo Concept is part of our Enterprise plan.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Leo understands how to recognize articles about transactions in which the ownership of companies or their operating units are transferred or combined This Leo Concept is part of our Enterprise plan.