How to follow an advanced Twitter search in Feedly?

Step 1: Set up your advanced search in Twitter

Twitter offers some advanced search options that you can save as a Feed in Feedly. For this example, let’s search for the words ‘CVE-2021-44228’ and ‘Exploit’. You can choose to filter out replies or other options to reduce the noise in your Twitter search as well. 

There are other options available for advanced Twitter searches, such as tracking account mentions, specific hashtags, Tweets to or from specific accounts and many more.

Now that you’ve searched for the words ‘CVE-2021-44228’ and ‘Exploit’ and have also filtered out replies, make sure to select ‘Top’ or ‘Latest’ results depending on your need. For this example, select ‘Latest’. Once you have made these selections, copy the final search URL to paste into Feedly.

Step 2: Follow your advanced Twitter search in Feedly

From your Feedly account, click on the ‘Follow Websites, Twitter, Reddit, and Newsletters’ icon on the left hand side of your screen to add this Feed.

Next, click on the ‘Twitter Feeds’ Tab at the top of the page. If you have not yet connected your Twitter account to Feedly, you can find those instructions here. In the search bar, paste the advanced search URL that you copied from Twitter.

Step 3: Add your advanced Twitter Search to a Feed

In these results, you can choose to follow all mentions of your search, or only the mentions that have links. Once you’ve selected the option that suits your needs, click the ‘Follow’ button and add it to one of your Feeds. If you are an Enterprise user, you can choose to save your search to a Team Feed (which will be shared with your team) or a Personal Feed.  

Lastly, locate where you saved your Feed, and click it. All of the latest Tweets with links about CVE-2021-44228 Exploits are now saved as a new Feed, updating in real time!

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