How does Less Like This work?

When you're reading an article or hover over an article in the preview, you get an option to use a Less Like This button to tell Feedly AI why this article is not important/relevant to you.

The best way to use Less Like This is in a Like Board priority. You can use Less Like This to refine the priority and tell Feedly AI that this article doesn't look like the Like Board you have selected.

When you're in a prioritized article, the Less Like This button will help you exclude a domain, topic or say that this article is not about the topic you've created, that is really helpful and helps Feedly AI to learn about what kind of articles you like and dislike in this priority.

If you use Less Like This outside of a Feedly AI Feed, you'll get fewer options, the main one is to Mute a topic across your Feedly or for that feed. If you'll choose Something else outside of a prioritized article, we won't change the way we show you articles and Feedly AI is not learning much about your preferences. It helps improve other signals and topics and uncover problems, however, it won't improve the result of priorities directly at this moment.

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