Getting Started with Leo

Here are some best practices to get Leo up and running in your Feedly account!

But first, what is Leo?

Leo is your AI research assistant. His mission is to declutter your feeds & prioritize the content most relevant to you and your team based on your instructions. Check out this quick introductory video!

If you want to learn more about how Leo works and the roadmap for Leo's skills - refer to the blog post.

This article will focus on how to optimize your Feedly setup with Leo.

Step One: Find the right sources

Find and follow sources that you're interested in following:

  1. Click the + sign on the left-hand side of your screen to open the Discover page.
  2. Start typing any website, URL, publication name, or topic. Select from the autocomplete list or hit enter for more results.
  3. To start following a source, click the Follow button and select one of your feeds (or create a new feed).
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to find and follow more sources.

Tip: Building your feeds with trusted sources — rather than relying on Google keyword alerts — allows you to improve the overall relevance and reliability of the content in your feeds. Once you've followed these sources you can let Leo do the heavy lifting for you 💪

Step Two: Organize your content

Now that you've found the sources that you're interested in, it's time to consider how you want to organize your feeds! Many users group their feeds by topic, project, or priority level.

Tip: You can review your feeds through your organize page to ensure that they are properly structured.

Step Three: Train Leo!

Now it's time to train Leo to prioritize topics, names, words, or other content within the articles collected in your feeds.

  1. Click into a feed you are interested in adding a priority to
  2. Click Train Leo on the top right-hand side
  3. Select one of Leo's skills:


This skill is best when you'd like to prioritize specific keywords, topics, trends, companies, or locations.

Like Board:

This skill lets you train Leo to prioritize articles similar to those you've saved to your boards in the past.

Strategic Moves:

Leo can track industry activity, including funding events, partnership announcements, product launches, leadership changes, Regulatory Changes, New Patents, Mergers and Acquisitions, Layoffs, Hiring, Customer Traction.

Tip: Check out these handy guides to learn more about the specific Leo skills on Topics, Like Boards, & Strategic Moves.

Create Leo Priorities and focus on what matters to you

Let's say you're interested in prioritizing articles about  sales within your Social Media feed. Once you've selected the Topic skill, click + Company, Product, or Keyword and type in Sales:

Note: Make sure you read the subtext of each option, as this will explain what Leo will be prioritizing. In this case, the topic of sales was selected rather than merely the term. This will ensure that Leo prioritizes articles about sales, not just articles that contain the word 'sales':

Now that the priority has been created, check out your Priority inbox! This inbox will include any article related to the priority that you've set (in this case, sales).

Once you've set up your priorities you'll notice that Leo flags new articles under the Leo Priorities section of your left navigation bar:

Manage your Leo priorities:

You can now manage all of your Leo priorities by clicking Train Leo towards the top left-hand side of your screen:

  1. Click the Refine button to edit your existing priorities
  2. Click the three vertical dots in order to pause or delete your priorities

Further training

If you notice that Leo has incorrectly prioritized an article, hover over it and click the downward arrow — Less Like This:

You'll then be able to train Leo to understand  why you didn't want this article to be prioritized. If it doesn't pertain to your priority you can select the option under Wrong, if you'd like to mute out a topic you can do so, and for any other reason simply click Something else.

Goodbye information overload!

Tips & Tricks:

Using Leo's Like Board skill

Leo and Mute Filters

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