What is a priority?

Priorities are how you train Leo on what you are interested in. They are created on the feed category level - single feed or All feeds (not on specific sources).

There are 6 main types of priorities you can create: 

  1. Topics:  prioritize mentions of topics, keywords, people, companies, products, etc.
  2. Like Board: prioritize based on articles you’ve saved to one or multiple of your Boards - you can train Leo with positive (saving to the Board) and negative signals (Less Like This button)
  3. Strategic Moves: prioritize Product launches, Funding events, Partnerships, IPOs, Leadership changes, Mergers and Acquisitions, Customer Traction, Hiring, Layoffs, Regulatory Changes, New Patents
  4. Security Skills: in our Enterprise add-on we've taught Leo key security intelligence concepts you can use to prioritize like Critical vulnerabilities, CVE & CVSS, Exploits and Patches, Cyber Attacks, Threat Actors, Malware Families, MITRE ATT&CK® Tactics and Techniques, IoCs (Indicators of Compromise), Threat Intelligence Reports
  5. Industry - this Enterprise add-on where Leo understands many industries like retail, supply chain, finance, biopharma, automotive, beauty, beverage, defense, energy, finance, food, gaming, insurance, legal, media & entertainment, medical devices, real estate, telecom, travel & hospitality, advertising, ...
  6. Content Types - Financials, Market Reports, Digests, Tutorials, Product Reviews, Job Postings, Listicles, Interviews, Threat Intelligence Reports, Expert Insights & Analyses

You can add multiple types of priorities to a single feed. You can also combine multiple types of priorities together into one priority through boolean operators. 

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