How to add a source?

There are 2 ways you can add sources to your feedly:

1) Using the Discover page (desktop and mobile)

Type in any blog/site/topic name in the search box on the top of the discover page (look for the plus button on the left that will open the discover page). From there you can search for any topic, keyword, blog name or URL. Once you have found your source, simply tap the "Follow" button, or open the feed and tap the "Follow" button next to the source name. At this point you will be able to pick which feed to add your source to.

You can also directly paste the RSS URL into the discover page and follow the website/blog directly.

2) Using Feedly Mini (desktop)

Feedly mini is a Chrome and Firefox extension. It automatically detects the RSS feed of the site/blog you are browsing to open and gives you the option to open it in feedly, and add it to your feeds. Note that you can also save articles to your Boards with Feedly mini.

Troubleshooting when you can't find the source directly:

Search for the site’s name (as opposed to the URL)

  • If you search for a site’s URL (e.g. we might return: “No feeds found”
  • Try to remove http:// and .com and simply search for the website’s name (e.g. interviewmagazine)
  • We should be able to find the site’s feed or even all the feeds the site has if there are multiple ones

If you have the feeds’ URL ( ending in .xml as opposed to site’s URL)

Here are 3 ways to find and add the feed:

If the previous methods didn’t work, then you will have to find the site’s feed.

  • You can look for the RSS button on the site’s page. Copy paste this .xml URL in feedly search (see above).
  • Pro tip: try adding /feed, /feeds or /rss at the end of the site’s URL. That will either return a 404 page (fail) or the feed itself (success!). Once you have found the feed’s URL (and see above).

If none of these methods work please don’t hesitate to contact us back with the feed’s URL and we can try to find the feeds you are missing together. And if one of these methods work please let us know which one was successful!

Feedly subscribe button

We have also created a super simple way to add sites to your feedly by clicking a feedly button directly from the sites you like. If the site you like has this button it would cost you one click to add it to your feedly! 

We are trying to contact as many sites as we can to add this button to help people like you to easily follow them. But feedly being a small team it would be awesome if you could help us on this quest! We are asking our feedly family to join us on asking the blogger community to add this simple button and we are getting some awesome energy out there!
Would you be willing to join the tribe by helping us by contacting your site and asking them to add a feedly button? You can just tell them to go on It is super simple for them to install.