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Leo can read the articles in your Cybersecurity feeds to find or assess the severity of the software vulnerabilities.  He will read an article, lookup CVE, CVSS, and exploit information from multiple open source databases and determine how critical a vulnerability is and then short-list the most critical vulnerabilities in the priority tab.

To read more about Leo for Cybersecurity, feel free to check out our blog post:

For example, you might have a cybersecurity feed connected to niche security experts, vulnerability databases, keyword alerts, etc. with thousands of new articles per month.
You can train Leo to read those 1,000+ articles and prioritize the 30 or so referencing high severity threats (CVSS > 8) and related to vendors you care about (i.e. Microsoft, WordPress, Docker).
The new Security Threat skill also includes a sophisticated machine learning model that allows Leo to assess the severity of a threat based on the vocabulary used to describe the software vulnerability. This is particularly useful for zero-day vulnerabilities which might not have a CVE or CVSS.

Pro Tip: If you do not have a cybersecurity feed in your Feedly yet, there is a cybersecurity bundle that lets you create a feed with fifty of the best security sources in a couple of clicks.

You can find more information about the Cybersecurity skill here: 

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