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New customers cannot add Like Board Priorities as Leo Priorities are transitioning to Leo Web Alerts. We’re going to build them into web alerts soon.

You can train Leo to prioritize content based on what you have saved to your Boards in the past. This is a hands-off approach that lets Leo do the work for you. He will scan the articles in your Board and will find and suggest related articles in your priority Feed.

In order to activate this skill, you must create a Board and save at least 25 articles (with 50 being a great sample for Leo) to the Board you would like to prioritize. 

To set up a Like Board priority:

  1. Navigate to the Feed you'd like to create the priority for
  2. Click Train Leo on the top right of your feed 
  3. Choose Like Board 
  4. Select the Board you would like Leo to prioritize from (you can combine multiple using the "OR"  function) 
  5. Click Create

**note: Team Boards can only be linked to Team Feeds and Personal Boards to Personal Feeds

Tips and best practices

1. Use the "Less Like This" feedback loop for better recommendations

In the initial stage of the Like Board skill, it is really important to use the down arrow "less like this" feedback loop to flag irrelevant recommendations. This feedback will greatly accelerate Leo's learning and improve the recommendations going forward.

2. Continue saving articles to Boards (25/50/100 articles milestones)

As mentioned above, Leo needs at least 25 articles to start making recommendations based on a specific board.

At 50 articles, recommendations start getting quite good

At 100+ articles, Leo passes another milestone in the quality of recommendations.

So continue saving articles to your Boards as a positive training signal for Leo.

3. Don't use AND combinations with Like Board priorities

The AND/OR operators can be powerful ways to refine other types of priorities (eg: for Topics priorities on "Digital Transformation" AND "Banking"), but we recommend not creating Like Board priorities AND additional layers of priorities.

The recommendation model for your Like Board priority will work much better if you make use of the "Less-like this" and saving articles to Boards feedback loops above rather than adding another topic priority on top of a Like Board priority.

Additional information

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