7. Refining Priorities

All the articles prioritized by Leo have a green priority marker. Clicking on that marker offers an explanation of why the article was prioritized and the opportunity to refine, pause or remove that priority.

  • When a recommendation is useful, you can save it to a board to send Leo a positive signal.
  • When a recommendation is not useful, you can use the “Less-Like-This” down arrow button to correct Leo.

The Less-Like-This down arrow button will give you a dropdown with a few options to tell Leo what you did not like about the article. It might be that it was not related to your priority, there was a specific topic you didn't like, or it was a duplicate. Whatever the case, sending this feedback to Leo will help him deliver more relevant articles going forward.

On mobile: You can swipe over an article from right to left to initiate Less-Like-This or the icon is on top of any article when you're in an article view.

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