Can teammates follow different feeds?

Individual teammates can follow any feeds from your Team Feeds - simply by heading over to your team Feeds page and selecting which feeds to follow.

As an admin, you can also subscribe teammates to the feeds you want them to follow.

Easily manage who follows each Team Feed (admin feature)

From your team feed, select the "teammates" icon at the top right to select which teammates to subscribe to this specific feed.

Need to manage Feeds subscribers in bulk?

You can also use the Manage > Members option in the action menu from your Team Feeds page.

Selecting which Feeds your teammates should follow when you invite them your team

There are 2 ways you can invite teammates to join specific feeds when you send out an invitation:

1. from a specific feed, simply use the "Add teammates" button (picture above)

2. from your "Invite users" menu, select which Feeds and Boards you want to subscribe them to

Relates to plans: Feedly Business and above

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