How often does Feedly update sources?

For Feedly paid plans, we poll the sources you follow for new articles about 10x more often. The result is that you get information more quickly than Feedly Basic users.

There's nothing you need to do to activate this Feedly Pro feature -- we'll automatically start polling your sources more frequently as soon as you upgrade, and all new sources you follow will be polled this fast.

  • For Feedly Pro+, Business, and Enterprise accounts, the max polling time is around 7min.
  • For Pro accounts, the max polling time can vary between 15min to 1 hour
  • For Basic accounts, the max polling time can vary between 30min to 1 day depending on how popular the site is and how often it publishes.

Some sites use the PuSH protocol, which allows them to push new articles directly to us (basically: they reach out to Feedly whenever they post a new article, rather than waiting for us to check in with them). Many large websites, or those using popular blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger, may already be using the PuSH system. If that's the case, you will always see their updates in near real-time in Feedly.

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