Duplicate Articles

Sometimes your feeds have multiple instances of the same article. This happens for example when you have overlapping keyword alerts where two different keywords exist in the same article, when sources publish the same articles into different RSS feeds, and when a company issues a press release and other sources publish that press release with some minor changes.

To fix the noise on this, on the Web version of Feedly, you will see a small notification at the bottom right of your screen each time Leo removes duplicates from your feeds.

The deduplication skill is focusing on near-exact duplicates. These are articles that have 85% or more overlap. We are working on a different skill called Business Events for articles that are reporting on the same event but with different content. In the case of business events, the content will be grouped instead of being removed.

If you are part of Feedly Pro+ or Feedly Business/Enterprise, there is a preference knob in the Leo settings page to disable this skill if needed.

Note: If the entry/article has less than 200 characters, we are not able to deduplicate it right now.

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