[How to] Searching for Sources

Feedly also offers an API that allows you to search for new sources

GET /v3/search/feeds 

The v3/search/feeds endpoint allows you to look up the individual sources you could follow in your Feedly. You can pass in the title or the URL of a site you want to follow or a #topic (with a hash prefix), and Feedly will return a list of recommendations.

{    "website": "http://daringfireball.net/",    "velocity": 47.8,    "title": "Daring Fireball",    "feedId": "feed/http://daringfireball.net/index.xml",    "subscribers": 359471 },

The result lists information about each recommendation: the website URL, the velocity (number of articles published per week), the title, the source id and the number of subscribers.

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