[How to] Anatomy of an Article (aka. Item)

The result of a v3/stream call is a list of items representing the articles belonging to the feed or board you are trying to access.

{   "alternate": [     {       "type": "text/html",       "href": "http://www.theverge.com/"     }   ],   "direction": "ltr",   "updated": 1367539068016,   "items": [     {       "engagement": 15,       "author": "Nathan Ingraham",       "alternate": [         {           "type": "text/html",           "href": "http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/17/4236096/nbc-heroes-may-get-a-second-lease-on-life-on-xbox-live"         }       ],       "tags": [         {           "label": "inspiration",           "id": "user/c805fcbf-3acf-4302-a97e-d82f9d7c897f/tag/inspiration"         }       ],       "origin": {         "streamId": "feed/http://www.theverge.com/rss/full.xml",         "htmlUrl": "http://www.theverge.com/",         "title": "The Verge -  All Posts"       },       "unread": true,       "updated": 1367539068016,       "published": 1367539068016,       "crawled": 1367539068016,       "title": "NBC's reviled sci-fi drama 'Heroes' may get a second lease on life as Xbox Live exclusive",       "categories": [         {           "label": "tech",           "id": "enterprise/c805fcbf-3acf-4302-a97e-d82f9d7c897f/category/tech"         }       ],       "content": {         "direction": "ltr",         "content": "..."       },       "id": "A=_13fb9d6f274:2ac9c5:f5718180"     },     {       "engagement": 39,       "author": "T.C. Sottek",       "alternate": [         {           "type": "text/html",           "href": "http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/17/4236136/senate-rejects-gun-control-amendment"         }       ],       "tags": [         {           "label": "inspiration",           "id": "enterprise/c805fcbf-3acf-4302-a97e-d82f9d7c897f/tag/competition"         }       ],       "origin": {         "streamId": "feed/http://www.theverge.com/rss/full.xml",         "htmlUrl": "http://www.theverge.com/",         "title": "The Verge -  All Posts"       },       "unread": true,       "updated": 1367539068016,       "published": 1367539068016,       "crawled": 1367539068016,       "title": "Senate rejects bipartisan gun control measure for background checks",       "categories": [         {           "label": "tech",           "id": "enterprise/c805fcbf-3acf-4302-a97e-d82f9d7c897f/category/tech"         }       ],       "content": {         "direction": "ltr",         "content": "...html content..."       },       "id": "gRtwnDeqCDpZ3fb9d6f274:2ac9c5:f5718182"     }   ],   "title": "The Verge -  All Posts",   "id": "feed/http => //www.theverge.com/rss/full.xml",   "continuation": "gRtwnDeqbXn2XpDA=_13fb9d6f274:2ac9c5:f5718180" }

An item is a rich JSON structure representing all the different facets of an article.

The content property will let you download the content of the article.

The categories array will let you know which feeds this article belongs to.

The tags array will let you know which boards this article has been saved to.

If the article includes notes or highlights, you will find them in the annotations array.

The item also includes metadata about the article: publish / update date, origin, author, engagement, etc. Any information you see in the Feedly UI regarding articles is also included in the item representation of the API.

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