6. Share Your Insights via Newsletter

Once you have sourced your Team Boards with relevant articles, you can share your findings with your team or clients by setting up a Newsletter. This will be an email roundup of all the articles you save to a board

  1. First, select the board you would like the newsletter to send from
  2. Next, click the envelope icon at the top right of your board, which will bring you to your newsletter settings
  3. Turn your newsletter on
  4. Select the day of the week and time you would like for it to send
  5. Choose your audience. You can send the newsletter to members of your Feedly Team, and/or people outside of your Teams account (you can add these users by typing their emails into the box).
  6. Last, choose the subject line and view style (photo view or text-only)
  7. Click Update and you are all set to deliver amazing insights to your team!

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