2. Discover Trusted Sources and Organize into Feeds

The first step in setting up your Feedly Business account is adding sources to your Feeds so that you and your team can discover valuable content day to day. Sources can include news sites, keyword alerts, publications, blogs, twitter accounts, newsletter feeds,etc or any website which publishes an RSS feed.

  1. You can start by creating a Team Feed through the Feeds tab of your account, accessed by selecting the Team Console link on the right hand side of your Feedly screen
  2. Next, you can add sources to your Feeds by clicking the green “+” button in the left sideba and choose to follow Publications & Blogs, Keyword Alerts, or Twitter Feeds
  3. Last, you can organize your feeds in a way that reflects your team’s needs. Often we see these organized by industry, topic, client, etc. You can also set up personal feeds that only you can see / access, whereas team feeds are shared.

Types of Content to add:

  • Publications & Blogs: You can enter the name or URL of a publication or blog, leveraging autocomplete
    • e.g. type “crunch” and you will see Crunchbase blog as an option, among others
    • Or enter a topic with a hashtag in front, like #ai to find top sources for artificial intelligence articles.
  • Keyword Alerts: These create search alerts across thousands of Google news sites. You can create alerts for mentions of your own company, competitors, customers or prospects, topics, etc. See the suggestions on the page for how to narrow down your search terms and you can also enter a website name in the “All news sites” pulldown, for example to restrict an alert for mentions of startup in LABusinessJournal.com. 
  • Twitter Feeds: To follow twitter feeds, one user for a team must connect Feedly to a twitter account. If you are the first to set this up, click the Feedly icon in the upper right of your screen and select Integrations. All team members can now follow twitter users with the @username handle or hashtags, e.g. @elonmusk or #blockchain 
  • Newsletter Feeds
  • Reddit Feeds
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