Admin vs. Non Admin, what's the difference?

Different permissions with Team content:

Administrators can create, archive and delete team Boards and team Feeds.

Administrators can also add news sources to team Feeds.

All users can save articles to existing Boards.

Only Admin users can add Team priorities on top of Team feeds.

Different Team Management tools permissions:

Only Administrators can access the Team Management section and invite new users to the team or manage the billing of your account or see full analytics for the team.
Administrator privileges are also required to manage the sharing integrations (Slack, Twitter, Microsoft Teams).
Administrator privileges are also required to setup and manage newsletter preferences.
How to grant/revoke Admin status:

When you send put an invitation to a user to join your team, you have the option to give Admin permissions along with the invitation.

For existing team users, you can manage their permissions via the 'users' tab of your Team Management page.

Which status should I choose?

Typically, analysts and researchers who actively participate in the curation efforts of your team and should be able to decide what sources should be added to feeds, or hot to organize boards should be given administrator roles. 

Fellow teammates who benefit from the research and curation simply by following the sources and boards, or save articles to existing boards do not need to be administrators.

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